4 Patron Saints for Your Catholic Business


Catholicism offers a wide variety of models and patrons for every facet of life. And Catholic Business is not excluded! In this article we have put together a list of four patron saints for your Catholic business. We hope this list will help you gain inspiration and grace from a newfound relationship with these four saints: St. Joseph, St. Homobonus, St. Louis Martin, and Blessed Salvador Huerta Gutierrez. May their intercession lead you closer to God as a Catholic business!

St. Joseph

In terms of saints for Catholic business, it is hard to find anyone better than St. Joseph the Worker. St. Joseph stands as a pillar of humility, dedication, and trust in God’s plan. As the foster father of Jesus and the patron saint of workers, he didn’t just work hard, he worked to support Jesus, and taught the Lord his trade. St. Joseph’s life serves as an inspiration for businesses seeking divine guidance. His unwavering commitment to his familial role and industrious nature resonates with workers and entrepreneurs alike.

Plus, St. Joseph’s life provides all sorts of practical advice for working Catholics!

St. Homobonus

Lesser known but worth getting to know, St. Homobonus is venerated as the patron saint of businesspeople and tailors. Born to a wealthy family, Homobonus chose to use his wealth so that he could give all the proceeds from his work to those living in poverty. St. Homobonus was given a life of leisure. However, he chose to dedicate himself to hard work and service instead of serving himself. For this reason, his life serves as a model for Catholic business professionals seeking to serve something beyond profit. For him, profit was a means to charity, not a means to selfishness. If you desire to work as a gift for others, then St. Homobonus may be a good patron for you!

Businesses can turn to St. Homobonus for guidance on matters of mixing business with authentic charity and service. St. Homobonus inspires business leaders to prioritize sacrifice and love of both employees and customers, creating a framework for authentically Catholic business.

St. Louis Martin 

The father of St. Thérèse of Lisieux, St. Louis Martin lived as a model of family values and virtuous living. Born into a devout Catholic family, St. Louis Martin went on to marry Zélie Guérin, and together, they devoted their lives to raising a faithful family. He trained to be a watchmaker, and with this skill was able to raise a family that became known for its service to God. His life reflects the delicate balance between family responsibilities, the demands of work, and the pursuit for holiness. For Catholic businesses prioritizing family values and faithful conduct, St. Louis Martin provides inspiration for creating a harmonious workplace culture.

Catholic business leaders who are especially concerned with allowing their business life to aid their family life and pursuit of holiness can seek guidance from St. Louis Martin. He helps witness to the harmony that can exist between these three spheres of life and may just be the perfect patron saint for your Catholic Business.

Blessed Salvador Huerta Gutierrez

Though perhaps not as well known, Blessed Salvador Huerta Gutierrez stands as a modern martyr for business integrity. Born into a devout Catholic family, he became a successful businessman in Mexico. During the Cristero War, he faced persecution and ultimately martyrdom for refusing to support anti-Catholic forces. His life and martyrdom serve as a powerful testament to unwavering faith in the face of ethical challenges. Of particular note was his deep love for his employees!

Businesses can draw inspiration from Blessed Salvador Huerta Gutierrez’s refusal to compromise on Catholic principles. Not to mention his deep loyalty and evangelical love for his employees. His intercession can be sought during challenging times, allowing businesses to uphold the teachings of the Catholic faith. Creating a workplace environment that mirrors the legacy of Blessed Salvador Huerta Gutierrez ensures that businesses remain faithful. Plus, he reminds us to see employees as sons and daughters of God, not just workers.


The intercession of patron saints offers a unique blend of spiritual guidance and practical wisdom for Catholic businesses. But Catholic business patron saints can be hard to find! Luckily, St. Joseph, St. Homobonus, St. Louis Martin, and Blessed Salvador Huerta Gutierrez can all provide a meaningful example. Plus, they offer deep and loving intercession. Their lives, spanning different periods and walks of life, offer a source of strength for businesses seeking to integrate their faith into the very fabric of their operations.

By turning to these business-owner saints, Catholic businesses will find divine guidance and practical examples for being a Catholic business. St. Joseph’s humility, St. Homobonus’s selfless work ethic, St. Louis Martin’s family values, and Blessed Salvador Huerta Gutierrez’s commitment to his Faith and employees can all help guide businesses to be authentically Catholic. We hope that one of these four saints calls to you and will be a patron saint for your Catholic business.


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