How to Find Catholic Part-Time Work

How to Find Catholic Part-Time Work

In some ways, finding Catholic part-time work may be easier than finding a full-time opportunity. Churches may not have the budget for a full-time position, but they’ll often be able to budget for a part-time employee. When looking for Catholic part-time work, you also have the luxury of considering in-office, hybrid, and remote opportunities that fit your schedule and needs.

I. Just like looking for full-time jobs

Approach this just like you would a full-time job search: start with the basics. That looks like starting with a Catholic job board or diocesan job board for many. Catholic Professionals Part-Time Work is a great list to start with. You can also search local Diocesan Websites to see if they have job postings.

If you want to branch out from aggregate or diocesan job boards, dive deeper into brands and companies that you like. Organizations like Life Teen or Our Sunday Visitor, along with many others, will have their own dedicated job boards.

Secular sites will sometimes have Catholic postings on them as well. Gig works sites occasionally offer part-time faith-based opportunities. They’re not plentiful, but they do exist! If nothing else, they may help you get a feel for what kind of Catholic part-time work you’d like to do.

II. Make it happen yourself


Just because a need isn’t advertised doesn’t mean there isn’t a need. Maybe nobody has noticed a flaw, or no one has had the time to post a job to address the need. Take the initiative and offer your services! Do you design and maintain websites? Your parish probably could use your help. They may be reluctant to have a full-time web designer on staff but could be swayed into a part-time offer. Any skill can be leveraged into a part-time position if a need is displayed. Review your developing resume and see what skills could be offered. Photographers, writers, janitors; even certain ministry jobs can be done on a part-time basis. Sometimes the part-time Catholic job you want doesn’t exist, so you have to create it yourself!

Maybe you don’t have a specific hard skill to offer; that’s okay. Do you have experience you can leverage? Perhaps you’re a former tax broker. Your Church might not want to hire part-time tax help, but maybe they’ll be open to a part-time financial consultant. Use what you have, and don’t be afraid to ask, even if you aren’t sure you’re the perfect fit. Having someone work slightly out of their comfort zone is better than having no one filling the need.

III. It doesn’t hurt to ask

You’ve got lots of skills. Maybe you just don’t see a fit for your skills. In that case, don’t be afraid to ask. If you’re looking to work for a parish, ask someone on the staff if they have any needs. This will be especially helpful if they know you well. They may be able to point you in a direction you wouldn’t have even considered a fit for your skillset.

If you’re looking to work for a non-profit, Catholic brand, or Catholic company, send them a message! Just because you don’t see anything that’s a fit for you right now doesn’t mean they’ll never need you. Get your resume out there, so it’s on file when a need arises. Reaching out never hurts. There might be a position they haven’t yet advertised for that fits your skills and wants.

Social and professional groups are another great way to find a part-time position. If you’re a member of the Knights of Columbus, Young Catholic Professionals, or any other charitable or professional Catholic organization, you have a resource right there. Ask around and get the word out that you’re looking for a Catholic part-time job. If nothing else, you probably know somebody who knows somebody.

IV. Local Catholic nonprofits

When in doubt, your local Catholic school likely needs some help. While this won’t apply to every Catholic school, many are looking for part-time teachers, counselors, paraprofessionals, janitors, or other staff members. Yes, it isn’t a fit for everyone, but it could be something worth your time.

If academia isn’t your forte, try expanding your search. Homeless shelters, thrift stores, cemeteries, or even your local Catholic Charities chapter can often use some part-time help. Much the same as your local parish, they may not have it in the budget for a full-time employee, but they’ll appreciate a dedicated part-time worker. Catholic Charities or something similar is a great fit for someone with office and administrative skills looking for Catholic part-time work.

V. Freelance 

There’s just nothing around? How about freelancing? Yes, it’s not exactly like a part-time job, but it’s pretty similar. You can fit it around a full-time job, another part-time job, or staying at home. If you have any artistic or editing talent, this is a great way to showcase that. If you’re someone with business acumen, try putting your services out there as a Catholic business consultant. There are many great ministries out there looking to get off the ground who could use your talents. Whatever talents you have, Catholic freelancing is a great way to leverage them for the glory of God.

VI. Be open

Maybe there isn’t something that you necessarily want to do, but there’s something that needs to be done. In humility, consider something out of your field if you feel that you could do the job well enough to apply. Sure, you may not get it, but they may also be appreciative of someone willing to come in and learn. It could also vary your skillset.

Pray and discern. You may not have the same zeal to pick up a part-time position as a full-time one, especially if it’s something out of your wheelhouse. Taking a new part-time job may not be as life-altering, but it’s still worth bringing it to God. Through prayer and humility, you may open the doors needed for your next Catholic part-time job.



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